Tom Robin & Band

Tom Robin and his Band are traveling around the world from stage to stage with their music for years. Seven famous musicians from the South of Germany present hits from the 50s up until today. The front man is the professional singer TOM ROBIN, who enchants and delights his mainly female audiences with his great voice and an amazing show. Thanks to his fans, the musical globetrotter has also entered the charts with several of his own songs.

Tom Robin & Band

On the bass guitar is HANS ROTH from Offenburg. He is also a very good singer and since the times of Escorial in the 70s a well established and celebrated musician when it comes to dance music. On the saxophone is MANFRED „Goofy“ LÄUFER from Haslach. There is nearly no Band in the Kinzig Valley, to which he didn't contribute with his outstanding musical skills. Besides saxophone, he also plays the clarinet and the transverse flute and he is responsible for the management of the band's finances. The youngest band member is STEVEN BÖHRINGER on the trumpet. After each gig, there arrive plenty of emails and SMS from young female fans, asking for his cellphone number. On the drums is our „Superdrumming“ MAX SCHMIEDER from Wolfach. „Since Max joined the band, the sound turned really groovy“, said our singer Elli. Also, Max is a calming influence in the hectic pace of the music business. Our keyboarder, the graduate musician MARIJAN CACIC with his trademark „Italo voice“ is leading the band. We are very proud to have such an absolutely professional musician in our midst. He is also an outstanding sound engineer. And last but not least, on the guitar and also a singer is HERBERT STEINERT. He started in the Mid-1970s, when he was on Tour in the South of Germany with his Band „Drugstore“ and he is also the band's manager, organizer and sometimes duty editor. With great skill and dedication, he guides the band through the demanding show business. His motto is: „There are no problems – there are only solutions“

Sängerin Melanie
Sängerin Elli
Sängerin Manuela
Sängerin Patti

As special guests, our singers PATTY from Haslach, MANUELA from Lahr, ELLI from Offenburg or MELANIE from Freiburg, are enchanting the audiences. Their voices, their interpretations and their charisma on stage are outstanding. These singers already have a huge fan base and they repeatedly performed on TV and on the radio. The band is very proud to have these amazing singers.

So much for a first impression of the band members. We are going to give you more information about them soon. Be it about their hobbies or news about the equipment. More details are soon to come – so stay tuned.